Many beautiful (bath) places are in the area that are worth a visit……

Usseira, where Villa Casanova is located,

is a village (freguesia) just outside of the touristic areas in the Portuguese municipality of Obidos and has approximately 918 inhabitants. The village offers multiple restaurants, bars, a bank, a gas station and a small supermarket. It is also located close to multiple highways and 75 kilometers from the Lisbon airports.


Obidos, 4 km

Óbidos is a small fortified town located on a hill and surrounded by high walls. Óbidos used to be located on the coast, so it was of great strategical importance, which explains the walls. Óbidos has been declared a monument, and consists of a maze of cozy streets with white houses, shops and restaurants. The walls are completely intact which allows you to walk around the city on top of them.

Lagoa de Obidos, 16 km

This large natural Lagoa is located between Óbidos and the popular bathing spot Foz de Arelho. The lagoon is connected to the Atlantic ocean by a small pass and it is continuously changing in shape. Around the lake are several walking and bike trails, while on the water you can kite-surf, sail, canoe or fish. The lagoon is also popular under hang gliders because of the thermals. With a restaurant looking over the lagoon and the many activities it is a perfect spot to spend some time at

Caldas da Rhaina, 10 km

Caldas da Rainha is just north of Obidos and is definitely worth a visit. Caldas has a pretty shopping street and a large roofed shopping mall. Every morning there is a fruit and vegetable market on Praca da Republica. Caldas has large impressive and old buildings and a beautiful park.

Foz de Arelho, 18 km

Foz de Arelho is a small bathing spot and has a unique location suited for everyone. For those who seek action or relaxation. There are shops, (beach) bars and restaurants. You will always have a great time here. The beach is very special, because it consists of a wide strip of sand between the Atlantic and the lagoon. This make one side, the lagoon side, fitted for swimming and the other, rougher sea side perfect for surfing.

And much more ……..

Peniche, 25 km

At the fishing village or Peniche the almost perfectly straight coastline of the Costa de Prata is interrupted by a roughly formed peninsula, that is connected to the mainland by a 800 meter wide and 2 kilometer long strip of land. It is one of the most important fishing markets of Portugal and a big water sports plaza in the Atlantic ocean. With a boat trip you can get to the nature reserve of Ilha das Berlengas. De clear water makes it perfect for scuba divers and divers to discover the nautical life here.

São Martinho do Porto, 28 km

São Marthinho do Porto is a charming and cozy Portuguese bathing spot and village. The shell-shaped bay is connected to the ocean by a small opening between the rocky hills. Surrounding the bay is a wide sand beach, and further out there are hills and dunes.
At the north side of the bay is the harbor. The bay is bordered with a lively sunny boulevard.

Nazare, 43 km

The beautiful sickle-shaped beach is the place for swimmers and also offers playgrounds for children. The area is filled with fishermen and their wives in traditional clothing. They knot the fishing nets, dry the fish and sell it. On the beach you can admire the authentic fishing boats. They have been put here for the tourists, but they are mostly still in use by the fishermen who depart from the harbor. Along the boulevard and in the small streets you will mostly find tourist shops and restaurants. With the cable car (ascencor) you can get to the Sitio. From this 110 meter high cliff you can admire a great view.

Lissabon, 75 km

The “white city” is what the Portuguese capital is also called and it was built on seven hills. The city has something to offer for everyone, e.g. beautiful buildings, picturesque squares, authentic Portuguese restaurants, parks, nice shopping streets and a blooming nightlife. A visit to the city will surely leave a great impression.