Breakfast & Bar

Breakfast & Bar

BREAKFAST a unique way to choose the way you start your day! Every morning between 8.30 and 10.30 AM we serve a breakfast buffet in the lounge. You can eat in the lounge itself, or in your room or on the sunny terrace. In case the standard buffet doesn’t include anything you like, you can submit a form the day before with you wishes so we can fulfill them…

BAR If you would like to have a drink in your room or on the terrace, this is no problem for us. The lounge is equipped with a fridge stocked with soda and alcoholic beverages which are restocked daily. You can also submit a form with your wishes for your stay so we can provide you to the fullest extent. The beverages are paid for at checkout..

Breakfast buffet

A good start of your day is a nice cup of coffee or tea. The buffet consists of multiple sandwiches e.g. cheese, ham, salami and bacon. If you prefer something sweet we also offer chocolate spread or jams. We also offer multiple dairy produce like butter, milk or yoghurt and even eggs. Also available are muesli or cornflakes along with different fruits.



0,5 L with and without gas

€ 1,00


0,33 cl cola, fanta en 7up

€ 1,00


0,33 cl house beer

€ 1,00


0,75 l red/white/rose

€ 4,00